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Note:  To view the INPLAY mobile players and experience the mobile application detection, access this page on your Android or iOS device.  Alternatively, you can read more about our mobile applications here.

Fully Customizable Player for Web, iOS and Android
Provide your customers with a player that conveys your brand with feature-rich playback built to suit your needs. Options for customization include ad content (pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll), skinning to promote your brand identity and intuitive controls.

Our players are optimized to perform without interruption even in substandard network conditions. This is accomplished through adaptive bitrate and custom player design to avoid buffering and service interruption even with network delays and packet losses.

Accessibility and multi-language support means your users can easily select their language of choice for both audio and subtitles. Support for adaptive streaming allows for smooth consistent playback, whether on a mobile device, over shared wifi or a high bandwidth connection.

Our playback technology is the result of market-tested integration with leading Digital Rights Management (DRM) encryption and licensing technologies, such as Widevine Classic, Widevine Modular DRM from Google, PlayReady from Microsoft and FairPlay from Apple.

Streamlined Solution for Chrome, Edge and Internet Explorer
Users demands on quality and uninhibited access to video content are increasing. Browser vendors are embracing this via Encrypted Media Extension, which allows access to DRM content without third party plugins. Chrome support for NPAPI (Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface) has been deprecated in late 2015 and additional browsers are expected to follow suit. Our players avoid these complications by offering plugin less players on browsers that support EME. Therefore, the same intuitive, plugin-less behavior can be expected on Chrome, Safari, FireFox and modern versions of Internet Explorer and Edge from Microsoft. Regardless of which browser your customers prefer, they will be able to enjoy the content you provide, without interruption in service.

Intelligent Browser Detection and Installation
Keep your users’ viewing experience on the content you present, instead of the plugins they may be required to install. To get your customers quickly watching their selections, we offer intelligent browser detection that will facilitate installation of plugins with minimal user intervention.

Support for Disconnected Mode
While access to Internet becomes ubiquitous even in the transportation industry, support for disconnected mode is still important. Our INPLAY technology enables you to host your own license server to avoid interruption of service offerings in the parts of the world without reliable Internet access.