INPLAY Lite Player


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Fully Customizable Non-DRM Player for PC, MAC and Mobile
IdeaNova’s INPLAY Lite Player allows for playback of Non-DRM content natively on PC, Mac and mobile players. Our INPLAY Lite solution allows for multi-period advertisement insertion and seamless transition between playback of ad and media content. INPLAY Lite leverages Dash and HLS technology implemented in a web library for compatible browsers.

Our players are optimized to perform without interruption even in substandard network conditions. This is accomplished through adaptive bitrate and custom player design to avoid buffering and service interruption even with network delays and packet losses.

Accessibility and multi-language support means your users can easily select their language of choice for both audio and subtitles. Support for adaptive streaming allows for smooth consistent playback, whether on a mobile device, over shared wifi or a high bandwidth connection.

Standardized Media Format
Many Non-DRM players today are either using Flash or video streaming that is not optimized for today’s web and mobile device landscape. The challenges seen today with this approach will be further exasperated as the browser vendors are imposing more security restrictions thus pushing Flash and Plug-in based software out of the market. Apple announced in 2016 support for fragmented MP4 files, which provides an opportunity to standardize on the media file format and provide a plugin-less platform for streaming unencrypted content. Our INPLAY Lite players take an advantage of such modern technologies to provide a full set of features required for an uninterrupted viewing experience of video content. INPLAY Lite players leverage modern web technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript and are compatible with a majority of modern laptop and mobile browsers.

The INPLAY Lite Player reuses the same mp4 assets across all platforms (PC, MAC, and Mobile) minimizing storage and media distribution requirements. The reuse of mp4 assets ensures unprecedented efficiency that maximizes storage space and reduces operation efforts when managing digital media. Playback is done natively on each platform without the need for a mobile application or plugin, guaranteeing unobstructed access to the content immediately after the user clicks the “play” button. INPLAY Lite has the capability to dynamically inject pre-roll and mid-roll ads into the player plus all other benefits of INPLAY DRM players: multi-Language audio and subtitles, adaptive bitrate, visible customizable watermarking, resumption of playback, ability to sustain network disruptions, large player controls for ease of use on smaller devices, adaptive download for offline playback, inflight communicator for communicating with other passengers and flight crew, and more!