Identity Management

Are you struggling with Identity Management?

• Do terminated and inactive users have access to your systems after their last day?
• Are entitlements and access privileges granted based on business role or per individual request?
• Do you have sufficient controls to ensure segregation of duties required by regulations?
• Do your end users have sufficient flexibility to request and reset their access profiles via self-service?
• Can your operations scale with the growing demand generated by e-commerce and web-based initiatives?
• Can you quickly grant and revoke access to your business partners?

Enable Business Through Security
IdeaNova Technologies provides services to enable secure and convenient user access while achieving compliance with regulations and improving the security posture of your organization.

Implement Solutions That Work

We help clients implement user access, single sign-on and federation projects as we partner with major vendors of identity management and managed services. Clients can leverage our quick assessment offering to identify the right solution for their immediate and long term identity and access management needs.

Create Real Efficiency and Manage Compliance
Realize savings in audit, password management, protect data privacy and reputation. Reduce effort devoted to maintaining SAS70, ISO 17799 compliance and overall administrative overhead.