Case Studies

IdeaNova met with business leaders to discuss the conceptual idea of building an inflight entertainment system that would be more accessible on a virtually unlimited number of end-user devices yet at a fraction of the cost of traditional inflight entertainment.

We listened to the client's business sponsors and drafted a set of business and non-functional requirements and converted these into technical specifications. Within a few days IdeaNova provided a prototype of a solution that was quickly converted into an implementation project. Our skilled engineers architected, designed, and developed a scalable inflight entertainment system in several weeks through an iterative process with frequent engagement with business stakeholders.

These business to technical meetings provided not only valuable feedback to IdeaNova about additional functionality to be built into the product but also engrained a sense of confidence and excitement in our customer.

Our subject matter expertise in Digital Rights Management (DRM) provided the customer with a unique ability to present premium type video content in completely disconnected mode during flight.

IdeaNova Team