INSHOW Analytics

INSHOW Advantages

INSHOW from IdeaNova provides collection, analysis, and reporting of vital information about your entire media streaming ecosystem.


INSHOW is capable of collecting a multitude of information from a fine grain trace level of technical detail to data limited to the mission critical operations. The granularity of the logging can be customized based on business needs and technical constraints. INSHOW performs the best when used in combination with INPLAY components (players, proxy, license servers) but can be used independently to collect and analyze customer data.

The system will store and forward data based on the network conditions, availability of resources, etc. The system is bandwidth sensitive, respecting all possible scenarios of network conditions and capacity for transfer of data either in near real time or cached to minimize network traffic. The ability to store and forward information can be configured to fit customer specific needs and the technical parameters of the network.

INSHOW provides the business with a user interface to analyze and visualize key data about the customer’s media playback experience. Customers can also choose to process the INSHOW gathered data in their own analytical tools only.