INPLAY DRM License Server

Autonomous Server
Today's world is becoming more and more connected. Yet, despite the proliferation of the network access, there are still areas and use cases that do not allow reliable connectivity. The transportation sector, especially aircrafts flying in remote areas of the world, are often left without connectivity. Our INPLAY License Server technology provides a solution. No matter where you are, you will be able to provide your customers reliable and secure access to DRM content.

Small Footprint

Our servers are optimized for running on the smallest possible Linux and Windows hardware. By careful configuration of the underlying operating system and optimized design and development of the license server software, we are capable of delivering the INPLAY license server features with minimal CPU, memory and disk footprint. Furthermore, the servers run as docker instances, making our solution ideal for deployment on existing platforms, without the need to procure new hardware.

Full Platform Support

With support for both Dash and Classic DRM technologies our INPLAY license servers are capable of delivering DRM content on PC, MAC, iOS and Android. And all of these platforms are supported in disconnected mode. Because we embrace the most modern DRM technology, we support common encryption (CENC). Hence, in many cases the license DRM delivery does not require mobile application or a plugin.

Supported DRM Technologies

Currently our license servers support: Widevine Classic, Widevine Modular, PlayReady, Marlin. We are always working on enhancing this portfolio with new updates to the current stack or with new DRM technology providers.


Email or call 630 470 9477 for a demo and access to our software.